A much needed respite…

Hi All!

We were able to take a three day trip to my second favorite place in the whole world…


My first favorite place is, of course, our little homestead.



We took a detour on Saturday to a Civil War park we’ve never been to before. The drive was a little longer than we expected, but it was well worth it. Pamplin Park has a lot of interactive exhibits, and I know we just scratched the surface! I especially liked the museum section in the main building, and the “Trial by Fire” area where you walked through a simulated battlefield. I wasn’t ready for the “whizzing bullets,” because I sure did jump!

When we took the Jamestown-Scotland ferry to head to our hotel in Williamsburg. Drove right on, and away we went. Very convenient!

On Sunday, we were meeting my parents at a traditional crafts fair, and took the ferry again to get there. After half an hour of waiting in line for the ferry, we were whisked across the James River to the fair. It was great, although some crafters had left early due to the rain the previous two days. After that fair, we went and checked out another that we saw signs for down the road! It was great!

I ended up spending a bit of money here! I found a jean jumper in just my size with a cute pumpkin & crow on it. And then we saw an artist whose work we really appreciate, and Chris bought me two prints by him! When I grow up, I want to be that talented!Then we headed to the ferry once more, and the cars were lined up for a very long distance. We waited nearly an hour (are you seeing a pattern here?) for the SECOND ferry to come back, and finally we all were heading to Williamsburg! We headed to the Duke of Gloucester to take in some sights and smells before dinner. Believe it or not, we had been that close to downtown Williamsburg for over 24 hours, and that was my first sight of it!

Why do I love that place so much? Let’s see… I went there first at age 8, and came home all a-bubble, and wrote this giant report about it all on my own and took it to my third grade teacher. (She was only mildly impressed… we weren’t studying about that at the time.) That place was the only place in the world (at least to me) where people were doing the things I was reading about in my mom’s brown paper covered Early American Life magazines. After that, Williamsburg was a popular vacation spot for our family, and the historic trades was the place I wanted to be. (Only they didn’t let me touch.) I loved it so much, that when Chris asked where I’d like to go on our honeymoon, Williamsburg was my first choice… I wanted to share it with him! He loved it too, and I could hardly get him out of the cabinet maker’s shop! Since then, we’ve visited many times, and our girls tripped through those cobblestone streets many hours in colonial garb.

And they still do occasionally…


On Monday, we returned downtown to do some serious window shopping. Kate found a friend or two, ran and bought another whistle, and stayed with them for an hour or more. Then we ate our traditonal lunch of ham biscuit, apple pasty, and rootbeer/apple cider, and headed home. Inspired.

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