De-Cluttering Day!

Wow! Where does it all come from? We seem to collect clutter, or it finds us or something! Kate & I tackled the upstairs today, and after going through clothes and craft stuff and books and such, we took a van load of things to the thrift shop across the street. Very convenient of them to choose that location, if I don’t say so myself!

We also came up with a weekly meal plan we think we can live with. This is officially our plan for simple meal planning:
Sunday – Breakfast for Dinner
Monday – Chicken Night
Tuesday – Crockpot or Casserole Night
Wednesday – Soup & Sandwich Night
Thursday – Hamburger Night
Friday – Spaghetti or Pizza Night
Saturday – Big Dinner Night

The weeknight meals are kept as simple as possible, with the chicken or hamburg nights being something made with chicken or hamburger like Curry Chicken or Tacos. Saturday night is a “pull out the stops” night and the one night we would really have to plan ahead (and often have company for!), and Sunday is usually more like breakfast in the late afternoon. We try to do a big breakfast meal at least once a week, because those chickens of ours keep providing us with eggs!

I know de-cluttering and meal planning doesn’t seem to with art, but at this time of year I can use all the streamlining I can get!

And before we turn the entire store into Christmas, I thought I’d share a fall picture! Happy Fall Y’all!


One thought on “De-Cluttering Day!

  1. Your menu sounds pretty good, mom! I have a new recipe for you guys, by the way, although you’d have to find a substitute for the Parmesan cheese for Kate (or eat it when she’s not home 😉 ).

    Love you! 🙂

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