Babies are such fun…

… that you don’t want to work. You just want to hold them and cuddle them!


However, I am trying to make myself do a little something, as the papercuttings in the store seem to be thinning out rather quickly! I’ve been cutting in my spare time the past week or so, and will try to get to start painting sometime today. Chris has been working on the next batch of frames, and I thought you all might enjoy seeing how he makes them! We had a lot of interest in our frames at Hay Creek, and sometimes it’s neat to see the entire process… so here goes! We’ve taken pictures at various stages with various batches of frames, but at least we can show you the steps involved!

Chris cuts 1″pine shelving board into frame size pieces with mitered corners…


And then they get glued together with a special framing clamp.


And then he sands….


Sanding can be messy… before we built our house, Chris’s workshops were either garages attached to the house (usually just off the kitchen) or a converted porch. When we finally built, my one stipulation was that the shop door did not open directly into the house! Now he’s in the barn, which gives him a good long walk to shake off some of the dust!


However, Chris is careful to limit his fiber intake! Note the infamous cuppie.


And then he does lots of hand sanding…


And then comes the painting… sanding between each coat!


And more painting… we had to show our version of “child labor!”


We do provide free room & board for those willing to wield a paintbrush!

And even more painting…these are just about ready for…


Graining… I usually do that part. (I paint too, except when we’re mass-producing!)

And black edges… takes a steady hand, but all three of us can handle the job.


And finally three coats of varnish! A few hours of that can make you feel a little woozy!


And that’s how Thistle Dew’s grain painted frames come to be!

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