A Creative Mind…

… is not necessarily tidy.

I just thought I’d share a tiny peak at my dest in the art room at its most productive time. It’s a real mess.


I’m not giving house tours today.

Somehow, however, we did manage to clean up enough yesterday to have Jo & Luke over for dinner, and Beth & Sara surprised us with a visit… and a birthday present! (I turned 41 this past week!) I seriously considered not having any more birthdays past 40, but this year I got some really neat presents, so I think I’ll continue to celebrate.


I got two lunches out, one dinner out, gift certificates to Barnes & Noble and Art Supply Warehouse (spent them both already!), Miss Potter, Chocolate, Chai Tea, a sweet Willow Tree Angel, a German Christmas Pyramid (the kind that lit candles make it spin and that has tiny nativity scenes on it), and roses from my Sweetie! I pretty much made out like a bandit, so I think, yes, I WILL have another birthday next year.

Okay, back to the grindstone. Maybe I will clean up my desk a bit so I can actually find a surface to work on!

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